The holiday season is already fast approaching. Meaning, this is the time to think about having our carpets cleaned in preparation for this time of the year. Moreover, this time is ideal to deal with any needed carpet repairs. With carpet repairs and carpet cleaning in Walnut Creek, you can make sure that your carpet will look great, which can help you impress your visitors or family who’ll be coming over your home. Also, it can make your house safer. Waves and holes in your carpets can be major trip hazards in your house. So, ensure that your visitors won’t get tripped by having your carpets repaired today. 

After spending the money and time to get a professional carpet cleaner into your house, there are a few things you can do for you to maintain your carpet’s appearance during the holiday season. Here are the following tasks you need to do: 

Skip lighting candles  

Think about not lighting any candles. Doing this can minimize the possibility of candles being knocked onto the floor causing wax and burns to damage your carpet. This won’t just create a big mess, but it can also become a fire hazard. But, if you really want to light up candles, you can opt for e-candles that nearly look like the actual candle and have an air freshener plugged into the wall.  

Have a shoe tray 

Wet shoes can eventually cause damage to your carpet. Moreover, they can track in more than just moisture. They can track in other chemicals and dirt you accumulated outdoors. To guarantee that such elements will not affect your carpets, consider installing a shoe tray by the door for people to put their shoes while they get inside your home. This method can help catch any moisture before it can wreak havoc on your carpet.  

Have a spot cleaner 

Consider getting a spot cleaner that’s most recommendable by your chosen carpet cleaner. This can make sure that all messes and stains will be quickly cleaned up and to keep your carpet look clean and great as ever.  

Make sure to only choose a spot cleaner recommended by an expert carpet cleaner. This is to guarantee that it’s effective and safe to be used onto your carpeting. This is the best option to take since they already know your carpet types and which spot cleaner will work best.  

Add a stain repellant 

Accidents inevitably occur during special occasions with several people in your house as they enjoy good beverages and food. To guarantee that this will not totally damage your carpet flooring, you will need to ask your carpet contractor to apply stain repellant onto your carpet. This is to make the substances and other liquid to stay on the fiber surface for longer than usual, providing your ample time to clean up the stains before it totally sets in.  

Contact us today if you need any help in terms of repairing and preparing your carpets for the incoming holiday seasons.