In terms of the elements and the temperatures, your AC can do beyond just standing on its own. However, once property owners do something that they should never do, your air conditioning unit can have problems sooner or later. Because of that, we always recommend all homeowners to reach out to a professional HVAC Fairfield experts to have their checked and maintained. Perhaps we already know what we need to do to keep up our units, however, you also have to learn the things that you should never do to your AC. If interested, read on this article to help protect your appliance. 

Opening up your AC unit 

Perhaps there came a time when you thought about opening up your system to give a targeted repair thinking that the problem is a ruptured belt due to squealing, for instance. In this case, you may think that it’s not that hard to open your unit and have the target issue repaired. But, you should never try opening it up without the help of the experts because as soon as you place your hand in your air conditioner, there will be myriads of red flags that take place.  

Initially, you can possibly void your system’s warranty by trying to repair it and opening it up yourself. Moreover, the procedure of spotting where the issue lies and repairing with the proper tools is an extremely crucial process to do. Hence, it would be best to just leave it to the experts.  

Improper refrigerant leaks patching 

If every your AC unit makes a bubbling or hissing sound, you can expect that there is a refrigerant leak that comes from somewhere within your air conditioner. If you think that you can do that patching of the refrigerant leak by yourself by watching DIY tutorials online, then you are wrong. Refrigerant can be toxic when breathed in and it can be harmful to your skin, mouth, nose, and eyes as well. Unfortunately, it can just be done and treated by skilled and trained experts who have the proper equipment.  

Moreover, the refrigerant isn’t just toxic for the unlicensed and amateur individuals to work with, but the risk of causing more harm than good is most likely to happen. You cannot simply place duct tape on top of the refrigerator line of your AC unit and be done with it. Such tasks will need a well-trained eye and specialized material to guarantee that everything is performed based on the code and regulations. To prevent making things worse, might as well contact an expert.  


Not submitting to the experts 

When it comes to the general rule about the AC unit, it’s highly recommended to just avoid doing the task all by yourself if you think you cannot open it up. Apart from replacing an air filter, any HVAC tasks need to be left to the hands of the expert technicians. Hence, if you think something’s wrong with your air conditioning unit, switch it off and immediately contact an expert in your area.