Who wouldn’t want to have trees that survive and stand the test of storms and time? Other trees are just so important to us that it’s heartbreaking observing that they are starting to wither. But, don’t lose hope. You can relish in the sight of your tree for a long time if you just guarantee that you properly take care of it. If you think that your trees are having various health problems, perhaps you need to address them right away to prevent it from becoming severe. To help you keep your tree strong and healthy for several years, check out the following beneficial tips for tree lovers: 

Guidelines to help keep your trees strong and healthy 

Schedule inspection 

Have your trees regularly checked by the experts and make this a habit. Just like anything else, our trees also require to be inspected to keep up their health. It’s important to know and detect the indicators of decline for your trees as early as possible to guarantee that they are attended to immediately. For quality results, better call your reputable arborist and use a quality?tree service Walnut Creek.? 


Pruning is among the greatest means of improving the structure and health of a tree. Once you eliminate deadwood, you’re actually helping your trees to grow better. It’s perfect to prune your trees when they don’t have leaves and are dormant. This can help you notice the branches and limbs better. Although, corrective pruning still needs to be performed no matter what the season is.? 


Forest trees are lucky to be nurtured by all of the natural materials all over them. But, for landscape trees, natural materials and debris like grass and leaves need to be cleared away. In this situation, fertilizer can aid in filling in the gap. Regularly apply a slow-release fertilizer to give nutrients to the soil. Moreover, you must routinely examine your soil to guarantee that all elements essential elements are present to make a tree healthy.? 


Trees need to be mulched to insulate moisture while protecting the roots from being damaged by the mower. Applying 2 to 4 inches of mulch at your tree’s base. However, guarantee that you’re not covering its trunk.? 

Water it well 

Your trees require water to thrive. When there’s no rain for months, ensure that your trees drink an adequate amount of water by watering them. If your trees are already mature, they usually require 1 inch of water every week. For young trees, they need 10 to 40 gallons per week during the premature stages of their lives.? 

Plant your trees in the proper location 

It is important to select a tree that can survive in your place. To help your tree to develop on its full size. Make sure to search for an area where your tree can have adequate area and sunlight. Never plant your tree close to your utility or power lines within the proximity of your property as this can result in problematic instances in the future, which will require you to get premature tree removal.?