Not only damaged and worn carpets make your house look unkempt, but it can also be a hazard in your home. Ripples, waves, tears, and holes on your floor can become tripping hazards. Luckily, you can always contact the carpet experts to help you out with carpet repair or carpet cleaning in Brentwood to avoid having them in the future. If you are searching for ways to keep your carpets from being damaged and maximize them for a long time, then make sure to follow these tips below: 

Take off your shoes 

Taking off your shoes as you enter your home is one of the best and simplest ways to prevent carpet damage, which can help lessen your need for carpet repairs. If you leave your shoes by the door indicate that the debris and dirt you’ve got outdoors won’t be tracked inside your house where it can be caught in the fibers, making your carpet untidy and unpleasant to look at.  

Take care of the spills right away 

If something will be spilled on your carpet, you have to guarantee to immediately clean it up. This is particularly true for beverages and foods that can possibly retain a stain. Though this can also be applicable to water. Any moisture that reaches into your carpets can surely result in carpet issues. Even if water usually doesn’t leave a stain, it can still be a reason why there will be mold accumulation on your carpets sooner or later, particularly in humid areas. When this occurs, it will be almost impossible to get this element out.  

Get your carpet professionally repaired and cleaned 

Basically, having your carpet professionally cleaned at least 2 times per year is a must. The most typical times are during the fall and spring. Indeed, you can always resort to getting them cleaned more frequently. If you do so, this can surely help prolong your flooring’s life while keeping them looking clean and polished.  

Add a stain repellant 

Protect your carpet against unintentional stains and spills by adding a stain repellant onto it. This can provide you the opportunity to clean the mess before the damage becomes permanent. If you plan to hire carpet experts, make sure to consult with them about which stain repellant can best be used for your carpet to make it look goof always. Also, you can ask them for some tips about carpet cleaning and repairs for you to avail of.  

Put coasters below your furniture 

Putting coasters under your heavy and big pieces of furniture is a great idea to avoid indentations from happening in your carpets. Also, you can try to rotate your furniture regularly. This can help make sure that your furniture’s weight won’t just sit in one place, which can totally affect your carpet. What’s great about incorporating coasters under your furniture is that they can smoothly and easily glide over your carpet, preventing damage in the future as you move your large pieces.