Historical Society of the United Methodist Church Genealogy Section

Christian Advocate New York Edition
January 1879 - December 1880
September 1879
Christian Advocate New York Edition - September 1879

September 4, 1879

BOISEAU, Richard F., d. Aug. 25, 1879,Wash.,D.C., age 38 yr. journalist.

BRUNER, Rebecca, d. Apr. 24, 1879, Columbia, Pa., age 82 yr., wife of Abraham Brunner, 1814, mother of Mrs. Alfred COOKMAN.

CREMONY, John C., d. Aug. 24, 1879, San Francisco, age 62 yr. journalist, vet. of Civil War, author, consumption.

CROFT, Joel, d. Mar. 27, 1879, Peekskill, N.Y., b. Feb. 11, 1820, Phillipstown, Putnam Co., N.Y., age 59 yr., father of Mrs. Philip GERMOND, paralysis.

DIKEMAN, John, d. Aug. 23, 1879, Brooklyn, b. Hamstead, L.I. age 85 yr., m. Susan REMSEN, lawyer, county judge.

DIVEN, Mary J., d. Patterson, Pa., b. Mifflin, Pa., age 55 yr FINCH, Henry Orton, d. Aug. 27, 1879, Sachem's Head, Conn., Congregational minister, Guilford, Conn., drowned.

HERTZELL, William B., Reading Pa., m. Mrs. Harriet ANDERSON, Reading, Pa., Aug. 13, 1879, by Rev. William J. MILLS.

JOHN, Mary Jane, d. Jul. 14, 1879, Shamokin, Pa., age 33 yr. m. Thomas JOHN.

MACLAY, Mrs. R.S., d. Jul. 1879, miss. to Japan.

MARKS, William, d. Aug. 29, 1879, Naples, N.Y., bro. of D.L. MARKS, influencial layman.

PARMENTER, Flavial W., d. Aug. 8, 1879, Troy, N.Y., b. Oct. 23, 1815, Greenfield, Mass.

PEGG, John, Sr., d. Aug. 25, 1879, Castleton, N.Y., father of Mrs. Frank HARDER, John PEGG, Jr., C. Marshall PEGG, one of oldest members of Troy Conf.

PYLE, P.L., d. Jan. 5, 1879, Stony Brook, Pa., b. May 8, 1804, Dela. Co., Pa., rheumatic malady.

REYNOLDS, Henry, d. Jul. 25, 1879, Goodland, Newton Co., Ind. b. Feb. 24, 1829, Oneida Co., N.Y., m. Hannah MASSIE, Jan. 24. 1952.

ROBINSON, Roland F., d. Aug. 24, 1879, Ferrisburgh, Va., age 83 yr., antislavery pioneer from Vt.

SIGNOR, Irene Hunt, d. Jun. 14, 1879, Plattsburgh, N.Y., m. Philip SIGNOR, mother of Mrs. A. WILLIAMS, Mrs. S.P. BOWEN

SUCKLEY, Catherine M., d. Aug. 27, 1879, Rhinebeck, N.Y., m. Thomas H. SUCKLEY, sis. of Mrs. Andrew HUNT.

UMPLEBY, George S., E. Ohio conf., m. Izina E. COLE, Smithfield, Jefferson Co., O., Aug. 26, 1879, by Rev. John R. COOPER, father of bride William COLE.

YORK, Thomas, d. Jul. 16, 1879, Nora, Ill., b. Brookfield, Maryland Co., N.Y., age 81y.6m., teacher.


September 11, 1879

ANDREWS, G.C., d. Jul. 12, 1879, Franklin Forks, Susquehanna Co., Pa., age 39 yr.

ANDRUS, Zervia, d. Aug. 3, 1879, Ceresco, Neb., b. Sep. 22, 1803, Haddam, Conn., m. Russel ANDRUS, 1825, mother of Dayton ANDRUS.

AVISON, Thomas, d. Aug. 1879, Liverpool, Scot., solicitor of Liverpool.

BASSETT, Isaac, d. Jul. 24, 1879, Seymour, Conn., age 79 yr. bro. of Susan BASSETT.

BASSETT, Susan, d. Jul. 22, 1879, West Haven, Conn., b. Seymour, Conn., age 74 yr., aunt of Marshall BASSETT.

BULLOCK, Daniel, d. Aug. 31, 1879, North Norwich, N.Y. CASSADY, Mary, d. Aug. 30, 1879, Baltimore, m. Francis S. CASSADY.

CLEMM, Lizzie, d. Aug. 16, 1879, Monkton, Md., dau. of W.T. D. CLEMM.

DAY, Sarah M. Osborne, d. May 16, 1879, Tom's River, N.J., b. Squaw Village, N.Y., age 42 yr., m. Edmund DAY, Dec. 3, 1854, consumption.

DIXON, H.M., assassinated Aug. 19, 1875, Yazoo City, Miss., by James A. BARKSDALE.

DORSHEIMER, Jacob, d. May 10, 1879, Mechanicsburg, Pa., age 70 yr.

FEELEMEYER, Emma, d. Aug. 20, 1879, Balt., dau. of G.W. FEELEMEYER.

GULLETT, William d. Apr. 28, 1879, age 76 yr.

KILGORE, Mary L. d. Jun. 23, 1879, Vermillion, Ill., b. May 12, 1855, m. William A. KILGORE, Sep. 2, 1873.

KNIGHT, Deborah, d. Mar. 11, 1879, Equinunk, Pa., b. Greenville, N.Y., age 64 yr., m. Lewis GARDINER, m. Richard KNIGHT, Jul. 14, 1852., dau. of Enos SMITH.

MACLAY, Mrs. Dr., fun. Jul. 29, 1879, Bluff Church, Japan PERRY, Mrs. L.P., d. Sep. 31, 1879, Brooklyn.

PHELPS, William d. Jul. 24, 1879, Detroit, b. 1816, Scipio, Cayuga Co., N.Y., grocery jobber house, Phelps & Bruce, pneumonia.

PIERCE, Benjamin, Cedar Grove, N.J., m. Sarah E. IRONS, Cedar Grove, N.Y., Aug. 31, 1879, by Rev. A.H. EBERHARDT.

ROBERTS, George A., d. Aug. 9, 1879, Jacksonville, Fla., minister of Fla. Conf.

SALTER, W.A., d. Aug. 1879, Leamington, Eng., author, Bible scholar.

SMITH, Betsey Ann, d. May 31, 1879, Seymour, Conn., age 60 yr., m. Edwin SMITH.

WAMBAUGH, Abraham, d. Aug. 19, 1879, Dayton, O., age 92 yr., father of A.B. WAMBAUGH.

WHITFIELD, J.G., d. Aug. 28, 1879, N.C. conf., Meth. Prot. minister.


September 18, 1879

ALLEN, Erskine S., d. Sep. 11, 1879, Springfield, Mass., age 70 yr., master armorer, U.S. Navy, pneumonia.

BILLING, George, d. Aug. 2, 1879, Monticello, N.Y., b. Nov. 27, 1819m Great Hasley, Oxfordshire, Eng. partner in Billings & Hatch.

BRYCE, Alexander, Jr., d. Sep. 8, 1879, Oconee Co., S.C., prominent Rep. plolitician, murdered.

COWPERTHWAITE, J. Milton, Riverton, N.J., m. Mattie A. CONOVER, New Brunswick, N.J., Sep. 10, 1879, by Rev.J.S. HEISLER.

DOLL, Penfield,d. Sep. 9, 1879, Balti., by. York Pa., age 52 yr., teacher, prison ministry.

EGGLESTON, Catherine Rogers Morrill, d. Aug. 1, 1879, New Salem. N.Y., age 44 yr., active in WCTU.

GEORGE, Edrick Lee, d. Sep. 3, 1879, Elmira, N., age 8 wk., son of A.P. GEORGE.

GREEN, Charles E., Northampton, n.Y., m. Kate A. PEET, High Bridge, N.J., Sep. 10, 1879, by Rev. J. TINDELL.

HOUSEWORTH, Mortimer M., d. Jan. 21, 1879, Sea Cliff, L.I., age 58 yt.

HUNT, Mrs. Noah, d. Sep. 1879, western N.Y., b. 1792, Sussex Co., N.J., moth. of Dr. HUNT, book agent.

JOHNSON, Juanita, d. Aug. 1879, St. Louis, Mo., age 20 yr., lived in Columbus, Miss., drown in swimming accident.

LAMBDIN, Edward S., d. Aug. 1879, Balt., one of oldest Meth. in Baltimore.

LANCASTER, Ellen, d. Jun. 29, 1879, Hanson, mass., b. Mar. 22 1781, Eng.

LEE, Joseph, W.Va. Conf., m. Ida May ENGLE, Grantsville, Garrett Co. Md. Sept. 1879, by Rev.J.A. FULLERTON, assisted by Rev. Benjamin ISON, fath. of bride Samuel ENGLE.

EGG, John, d. Aug. 26, 1879, Castleton, N.Y., b. Eng., 1800, age 80 yr., fath. of John PEGG Jr., C.M. PEGG, Mrs. F.P. HARDER.

SARGENT, Thomas B., d. Aug. 1879, Balt., M.E. South minister.

SHERWOOD, Ryan Butterfield, d. Aug. 31, 1879, Darford, Green Lake Co., Wisc., b. Jun. 27, 1879, Darford, Green Lake Co. Wisc., son of J.D. & Helen D. SHERWOOD, g.son of Ryan SMITH, cholera infantium.

SLATER, Matilda, d. Aug. 2, 1879, Alexandria,Va., age 55 yr., dau. of George W. & Elizabeth CARLIN.

WOOD, Esther, d. Plattsville, Wisc., b. Apr. 11, 1793, E. Haddam, Middlesex Co., Conn., m. James S. ROACH, d.1832, m. Peleg WOOD, 1872, d. Jan. 18, 1875, moth. of Mrs. George M. GUERNSEY

WRIGHT, Abby, d. Sep. 1879, mountain accident in Alps, lived in N.Y.C.


September 25, 1879

ARMS, Myron, d. Aug. 18, 1879,Randolph Center, Wisc., b. Vt. age 32 yr., son of Richard ARMS, who died 6 wks previously

BERGSTRESSER, John G., d. Jul. 31, 1879, Helfenstein, pa., age 20 yr.

BONNAY, Marquiss de., d. Sep. 1879, Copenhagen, Den. age 92 yr., pres. of Nat. Assn. of France.

BROWER, Ella J., d. Jul. 21, 1879, Osborn's Bridge, N.Y., age 31 yr., m. William BROWER, dau. of Joseph h. GIFFORD.

GREEN, Martha, d. Sep. 5, 1879, age 76 yr., moth. of E.T. GREEN.

JACKSON, Annie, d. Sep. 10, 1879, lancaster, O., prospective med. miss.

MODERS, William B. Plattsburgh, N.Y., m. M. Annie GRIFFIN, Burlington, Vt., Sep. 17,1879, by Rev. T.A. GRIFFIN, fath of bride.

NADAL, Frank, d. Sep. 11, 1879, Barnardsville, N.J., age 21 yr., son of B.H. NADAL, drowned.

PURDY, Martha, d. Sep[. 1879, n.Y.C., age 92y,4m,18d., m. James H. PURDY, dau. of Henry & Martha Hazard STRANG, sis. of Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ebenezer, Daniel, Nathaniel, Phebe, Hannah, Henry, Margaret, John Hazard, Martha STRANG, Presby. minister's wife.

RAMSEY, John D., d. Sep. 20, 1879, N.Y.C., age 74 yr., compositor in print. off of Metho Bok. Concern.

SYPHERD, Henry, d. Aug. 19, 1879, Glen Moore, Chester Co., Pa., age 83 yr., fath. of J. Owen SYPHERD.

THOMPSON, John Parrish, d. Sep. 20,1879, Berlin, Ger.

TOWNS, Mr. Robert,d. Jul. 28, 1879, Gordon, Pa. age 34 yr.

WALSH, Cornelius, d. Sep. 1879, Newark, esteemed layman.

WILSON, Thomas, d. Sep. 1879, Balti., age 91 yr., Soc. of Friends layman, merchant.

WRIGHT, John F., d. Sep. 13, 1879, Cincinnati, fath. of John R. WRIGHT.